Some Simple Ways for Troubleshooting Problems When Installing Audio Equipment

There are certain things that can go wrong whenever you set up audio equipment. Let me give you some general advice for fixing some problems which will allow you to remedy the issue almost half the time. If the problem, however, is more involving that you might not have a choice but to involve a professional. Generally, I suggest purchase an extended warranty if the equipment is expensive. However, devices which don’t have any switches such as wireless routers usually last a long time and purchasing an extended warranty doesn’t make sense for these types of products.

However, if something does go wrong then the first thing I would recommend you check is the power supply. Some consumer devices come with an integrated power supply while others will include a wallwart which is connected to the main unit via a small plug. If you have the unit that comes with a separate wallwart that is usually quite straightforward to determine whether the power supply …

Which Wireless Speakers Offer the Best Bang for the Buck?

The question which is posed in the headline of this post is quite difficult to answer. In fact, the answer will depend on what exactly you will need the speakers to do. Therefore, it is essential to do some research on suitable models before you can start hunting for the best performance. I will cover few applications and recommend some speakers which are typically used within these applications.

wireless speakers for outdoors

Let’s start by looking at some outdoor models. They are quite a few wireless models for this type of application which you can find. When searching for outdoor speaker types, you will obviously have to keep in mind that the speaker has to be rugged enough to be able to withstand weather. That means that the enclosure of the speaker should be sealed in order to prevent water from creeping inside the speaker.

Next you will have to keep in mind that depending on the location of the transmitter base and the speaker, the wireless …

A Look at Some Audio Amplifiers

Audio amplifiers are crucial for allowing you to enjoy good sound quality from speakers. Modern audio amplifiers usually employ a technique which is called switch mode amplification. This is a fairly new phenomenon and employed by almost 90% of today’s power amplifiers. The crucial difference between this technique and the technique used by all the amplifiers is that the signal which is output by the amplifier actually undergoes a switching stage. This switching stage switches the output at a high-frequency between the supply voltage and ground. Following a filter, the sound will emerge.

The advantage of these switch mode amplifiers is the high power efficiency. That means that less power which is consumed by the amplifier will be wasted as heat. A direct consequence of this is the fact that switch mode amplifiers are less expensive and smaller than traditional power amplifiers. Another application of switch mode technology are car amplifiers. Car amplifiers are limited in their wattage by the voltage of car batteries. …

Some Tips for Picking the Right Power Supply for Stereo Equipment

A good power supply is just as important as the equipment itself. The fact is that every piece of audio equipment requires power. However, the voltage and current requirements of each component are usually quite different. Therefore, every single component requires its own power supply. Many products on the market have a built-in power supply and connect to power by using a simple power cord. If the power cord is not bundled with the product, I suggest purchasing a high-quality cable. Always purchase a fairly thick gauge power cord because the thin cables can cause excessive losses. This is especially important for components which require large amounts of current such as audio power amplifiers.

Other types of audio gear require connecting of a DC power source. This means that instead of alternating current which is available in the power mains, you require a power supply which supplies this voltage. Again, if the manufacturer does not bundle a suitable power supply, you will have to …