A Look at Some Subwoofers

Subwoofers are a crucial element of most home theater systems. The purpose is to reproduce the low frequencies which are in adequate with most white-been speakers. Typically, surround speakers are going to reproduce frequencies which start at around 200 Hz. Obviously, the lowest frequency depends on the model in size of the speaker. However, many movies have very low-frequency components that can really improve the atmosphere. You have two options. You could either purchase satellite speakers which are fairly bulky and have a fairly low cut-off frequency. In that case you don’t really need a subwoofer.

The alternative is to purchase smaller surround speakers and supplement those with the subwoofer. The question is why do you need only one subwoofer when you have multiple surround speakers. The answer is that the human hearing is unable to distinguish the direction of very low-frequency components. Therefore, you can get away with using only a single subwoofer whilst you have multiple speakers.

cool speakers which are wireless

If you are concerned about the placement of the subwoofer I recommend looking for a wireless subwoofer model which eliminates the long audio cable connection. Since the subwoofers active, it will already have power in order to run a wireless receiver. The receivers typically included inside the subwoofer. Make sure that the subwoofer is not blocked by any metal objects which would prevent the wireless signal from propagating. You will also require a transmitter unit which connects to the output of your source. They are also some wireless systems on the market which transmit a subwoofer signal as well as a full-frequency signal. Those wireless speaker kits are popular in situations where you don’t want to run long speaker cables in a room.

They are also some home theater systems which incorporate wireless satellite speakers. Note, however, all of those speakers require power. So even though you eliminate the connecting cable between your source in speakers, you will still end up having to power every single satellite speaker and thus you might end up with lots of power cords lying around.

Also, note that the wireless signal is prone to interference. Modern subwoofers usually have a fairly large latency because of the buffering of the signal. Buffering is required in case of other wireless signals which can degrade the data. In those cases the transmitter unit will have to buffer a certain amount of data packets in order to be able to retransmit any packets that may have gotten lost in the transmission.

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